About Me

Dr. Satishbabu

Dr. Satish Babu (ENT Specialist) is presently working as Consultant ENT Surgeon – Dept. of ENT – Head & Neck Surgery – Apollo Hospitals Bangalore, Since Jan 2008. Dr. Satish babu had completed his MS (ENT) in March 2000, DLO in September 1996 and MBBS in April 1993.

Professional Experience:

As House Officer : Rotated in Department of Surgery, Medicine, Obstetrics &Gynaecology, Preventive and Social Medicine each for a period of three months. A broad experience gathered in initial and ongoing management of acute and elective cases in all major specialities.

As Post Graduate Resident : Comprehensive training in the department of ENT during integrated two years residency scheme at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, and three years at Dr. BR Ambedkar Medical College, Bangalore, India. First on call with increasing responsibility over two years. Clinical duties include in and out patients care, management of casualty referrals and Pre, Intra and Post-operative patient care. Work includes teaching under graduate Medical students. As ENT Surgeon : Independently managed Major elective and emergency cases. Work includes of teaching of Undergraduate and Postgraduates. Considerable experience gained in major Head and Neck Surgeries. Working in Saudi Arabia : As the main ENT Surgeon, was treating patients from different Arab countries such as Saudi, Sudan, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea etc., as well as Asian and other Expatriates in Saudi Arabia.

Surgical Experience:

Elective Operations:

Otology : Myringoplasty, Tympanoplasties, Myringotomy, Grommet insertion, Aural Polypectomy, Cortical, Modified Radical and Radical Mastoidectomies, Atticotomy, Stapedectomy, Facial Nerve Decompression, Endolymphatic Sac surgeries, Canaloplasty, Reconstruction of Pinna, Cochlear Implantation, BAHA Surgery etc.,

Rhinology : FESS - Nasal Endoscopic Surgeries, BaloonSinuplansty, Endoscopic DCR, Orbital Decompression, Trans-sphenoidal Approach to Pituitary, Septoplasty, SMR, Sub-mucosal diathermy, Turbinectomy, Turbinoplasty (Laser, Coblation, conventional etc.), AntrochoanalPolypectomy, Caldwell Luc Surgery, Oroantral fistula closure, EthmoidalPolypectomy, Lateral Rhinotomy, Partial / Total Maxillectomies, Excision of Rhinosporidiosis / other Nasal masses, Osteoplastic flap surgery for Frontal mucocele, External FrontoEthmoidectomy, Excision of Nasopharyngeal angiofibroma, Young's Operation etc.,Spheno-palatine ganglian surgery for Crocodile tears syndrome / interactable Epistaxis, etc.,

Pharyngo-Laryngology and Head & Neck Surgery : Tonsillectomy, Adeniodectomy(Coblation or Microdebrider Assisted), Tracheostomy, Styloid Process excision, Laryngectomies (total / partial), Diagnostic and therapeutic rigid / Flexible laryngoscopy, Oesophagoscopy, Bronchoscopy and Microlaryngeal surgery for vocal cord polyp and papilloma. Thyroidectomy, Sistrunk's surgery, Hemi-mandibulectomy, Radial Neck dissection, Partial Neck dissection, Superficial Parotidectomy. Carcinoma cheek excision, Hemiglossectomy, Thyroplasties, Medialization / Lateralization of Vocal cords, Laser / Coblation surgeries of Larynx, SLEEP APNEA Surgeries.

Maxillo-Facial Surgery : Reduction of fractures of Maxilla, Zygoma, Orbit, Nasal Bones& Mandible, Miniplate fixation, IMF, Surgery for TMJ Ankylosis, surgery for Sub-mucus fibrosis etc.,

Emergency operations : Tracheostomy, Oesophagoscopy and Bronchoscopy for foreign body removal, Removal of foreign bodies from nose, ear, oropharynx, Mastoid, Exploration for post-aural abscess and lateral sinus thrombosis. Drainage of Retropharyngeal and Parapharyngeal abscess, Ludwig's Angina, Perichondrial abscess / seroma / hematoma of Pinna, Anterior and Posterior Nasal Packing / selective vessal ligation for Epistaxis, Reduction of fracture of the nasal bones and facial bones, Laryngotracheal trauma etc.,